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"Discover How I Went From Dead Broke to Easily Earning $100,000 a Year Selling Purses From Home Working Only 20 Hours a Week!"

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Purse Party Profits
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Important: Keep Reading and I'll Show You How motivated Women Just Like You Are Making Tons of Money in the Booming Purse Party Business and can Finally Fire that Boss!
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There has never been a better time for women in this "female entrepreneurial revolution" to start a home based business. Turning your passion for fashion into CASH is truly a glorious thing and I'm going to show you just how easy it can be and exactly how I did it selling purses and fashion accessories right from my home.

Dear Future Purse Party Business Owners,

My name is Wendy Wilson, it's hard to believe that just a few short years ago in 2007 the U.S. economy looked like it was falling into a deep black hole and would never recover. Huge businesses too big to fail, failed and millions lost their jobs, including my husband.

I remember that dark day like it was yesterday. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner, the kids were in the backyard playing, and then I heard the garage door open and my husband's car drive in. I look over at the clock on the wall and saw it was only 4:36 pm, which I thought was odd because my husband usually gets home at 5:45 pm.

The door leading into the garage slowly opened and my husband walked in. He didn't even have to say anything I could tell by the look on his face, he just looked at me and said, "I'm sorry honey, I lost my job today."

I have to admit that I never thought it would happen to us and I never dream t in a million years that it be 2 years before my husband got another job. One minute we were living the American dream and the next wondering if we would lose the house.

The next 6 months were very trying to say the least, we blew through our emergency funds, then our savings and even went to our family to borrow money just to keep afloat. This couldn't last, the ship was sinking and we would go down with it is we didn't do something and fast.

Then one Sunday morning like a message from the heavens a little voice said, "start your own business." Ha, "what do I know about starting a business? I don't have any training in running a business, who am I kidding?"

After 2 weeks the doubt had really set in when I hadn't come with anything. Maybe there's a product I could sell, but where would I find merchandise? Maybe I have a skill I could offer like cooking, daycare or cleaning, but who will hire me? And of course, where am I going to find the money to start a business?

I was Lost

Then something truly amazing happened. While searching online trying to get a little inspiration I came across a few fun facts about women and their handbags. Now don't get me wrong, I love my purses, but I had no clue the market was so HUGE!

Handbags account for over 100 Billion a year in Sales!

Through my research I came across several home party businesses, Avon, Mary Kay, Party Lite and Pampered Chef, all great businesses but they just didn't allow me the opportunity to make the kind of money I need to make. Then it hit me! If I use the home party business model used by those companies to sell their products, I could do the same thing but sell purses, jewelry and fashion accessories the same way. WOW!

Fast forward to today and hundreds of Purse Parties later and I can promise you I made the right decision. My purse party business is still doing well though I find myself spending most of my time helping others just like you get started in their own businesses.

What are YOU waiting for?


Handbag Fun Facts

  • Most women purchase 3 or 4 handbags a year
  • On average women will spend between $55 and $85 on a purse
  • About 10% of all women will spend over $200 for a purse
  • The average woman owns 10 to 17 purse at one time
  • 30% of women admit to being obsessed with their purses
  • Women buy on average 117 handbags in their lifetime
  • 55% of women confess to having "Bag Envy" toward other women


To be honest I'm a little jealous of you right now, I've had to learn what I now know the hard way, starting from scratch using trial and error. If I would have had the information I'm going to give you years ago I could have saved myself countless hours and a lot of money.

With Purse Party Profits, you'll discover the reasons why so many women today are making easy money selling purses to eager shoppers all across the country.

If this sounds like the kind of lifestyle you are after, you need this eBook!

Purse Party Profits
Arm Candy
Fabulous Party

It All Starts With Just One Party!

It All Starts With Just One Party!


What is a Purse Party?

purse party

If you've never heard of a purse party before, it's a business that has actually been around for quite a few years. It's business model follows the same format as traditional home party businesses but allows women to get together and have a relaxing time shopping in a party-like setting.

Generally, when a woman hosts a purse party, she invites family, friends, co-workers and other acquaintances to her home. There, a Purse Party Consultant (you) will showcase merchandise consisting of purses, wallets and women’s fashion accessories. Guests are free to browse at their leisure and purchase any merchandise that catches their eye without feeling any pressure from pushy sales people.

At the end of the purse party, the sales are totaled up and the hostess (the person who had the party) usually receives between 10% -20% of the sales in compensation which can be applied to her purchases. The rest of the money is yours.


"Look, 7 Excellent Reasons to Start a Purse Party Business"

  • 1. Flexibility - You set your own hours and decide when and how long you want to work.
  • 2. Limitless Income Opportunity - A little hard work can reap huge cash rewards.
  • 3. Cost - Starting a Purse Party Business can cost as little as $100 to get started.
  • 4. Control - The fabulous thing about this particular business is that you can start part-time to add to your existing income or jump in with both feet make it your full time career.
  • 5. Tax Advantages - Deduct gas, food, and any expenses related to your business. You can even declare part of your mortgage as a home office.
  • 6. Builds Self-Esteem - There is nothing better than building self-esteem when you succeed because of your decisions and efforts.
  • 7. Satisfaction - Working toward something and accomplishing it on your own gives you pride in yourself and it can't be taken away.

Our Successful PURSE PARTY Entrepreneurs Say It Best!

You Don't have to take our word for it, read it for yourself...
Carol Rowley 2.

Karla from Scottsdale

My name is Karla and I want to share my story with you. I bought your eBooks 3 months ago. I told my friends about the purses and of course I got 3 bookings right away and one of them told me about a fundraising event so I did that too. Anyway to cut a long story short, I am easily making $2000 a month from my parties and I'm only really working part time hours. I even got my husband involved, he sets up the tables for me and takes in my merchandise, it's really great. Thanks so much for the valuable information.

sheri simmons 2

Sheri from Atlanta

Your eBook was right, purses really do just sell themselves. like I didn't know that already, I am a women. I also added jewelry and sunglasses to my merchandise which seemed to do very well. I did $754 at the party making a profit of $327 with 8 ladies at the party. I really glad I started this business the extra money really helps right now.

Michele James  3

Michele from Green Bay

Hi Wendy, I just wanted you to know that the purse party I through on Wednesday day night turned out great. All the ladies had a blast and the food was great. I was able to book 2 more purse parties myself and I had 4 inquiries from ladies wanting to throw their own party. I made $412. I love you purse lady, thanks.

Mary Fitzcerald 2

Mary from Columbus

Hello Wendy, Just a quick note to tell you I just started my purse party business last months and I've had 12 parties so far and sold $8,000 so far and made $4800 in profit. I'm so glad I purchased the Purse Party Profits eBook and the Wholesale Suppliers List I bought from you was worth its weight in gold.

Karla Cullen 2

Carol from Fresno

Wow, I love this! In my first party I sold one third of my stock which was 18 purses, booked 2 parties. I only worked 2 hours plus my setup time. I'm now earning well over $100 an hour. Anyone thinking of starting a purse party business has to get your eBook. It's a must. Cheers!

Joanne Johnson 2

Joanne from Dallas

A friend of my daughters booked a purse party, the first time I had been to one. I had so much fun. It was just like getting the girls together to share some wine and chat about our kids, our lives, our dreams. The purses I put out just sold themselves, I even had two of the ladies fighting over a purse, it was really funny. I sold $860 in sales and made almost $396 in one night, lol. This is a fantastic part time business for me.

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