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Effective Purse Party Cold Calling Techniques

Effective Purse Party Cold Calling Techniques

For many people starting out in their first purse party business, cold calling is a terrifying prospect. As a home party consultant, a major part of your business is going to be cold calling leads.  This can become rather intimidating and too often a person doesn’t know how to “open” the conversation and ends up with a lot of rejections and then decides to quit.

To be effective at cold calling you need to determine in seconds whether the person on the other end of the line is we’re spending your time with, in general, find out quickly if this person is a serious about becoming a consultant or booking a purse party.

The tendency to often will be to chase after our leads somehow hoping they will sign up or book a party.  To make somebody feel comfortable with our solicitation, you must first and foremost have a positive attitude and confidence in yourself as well as your purse party business and the merchandise you are selling.

Few people naturally have confidence in any new business venture they attempt, and for those that don’t confidence comes from knowledge and practice.  While making a cold call, you can’t be scared or unsure of yourself about the purse party business your offering so get your head in the right place before making any telephone calls.

I can promise you right now that you’re going to get 10 or 20 no’s before you get a yes, so you have to learn to get over it quickly or maybe the purse party business isn’t for you.  After going through thousands of leads and received thousands of rejections. The key is one should work out a script that works for you practice it before you make any phone calls.

Look at every call as a learning experience and the more calls you make a more you learn. Remember you are a hunter in the purse party game, and you’re always on the lookout to “bag the big one”.  Roughly translated, that means you’re always on the hunt for new prospects and more bookings, so don’t let the prey smell your fear.

Information is knowledge and crucial part of your ability to interpret your prospects.  You must therefore take notes and have a clear record of who you called and the responses you’ve received.  Just because a lead gave you a negative response the first time you called stay in touch to keep yourself informed.  People’s personal situation changes and develops as time progresses therefore a no today could be a purse party tomorrow.

You are a professional in the purse party business and your time is valuable so the person I’m speaking with must be respectful of me and the business I’m in.  Your new home-based business is a truly life-changing opportunity so if a prospect interrupts or is rude then most likely they are not the type of person I’m looking for.


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