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Invite Your Guests With Purse Party Invitations

Invite Your Guests With Purse Party Invitations

The first thing that we are going to look at is the hostess. She’s the person that’ll create a selling opportunity by sending out purse party invitations and she is your best chance of having a successful purse party business. Unfortunately, she’s also one of the biggest challenges that you’ll have in creating the success for your business.

Generally, getting someone to properly plan a party can be very challenging. People are busy and it seems with each year, they get busier. There are family plans, social commitments and work deadlines and often these get in the way when it comes time to fulfill their obligation to get their party from booked to successful.

Time and time again, I hear the words, “I don’t need to follow up on the invite to my friends,” only to find that only 4 people have shown up to a party and your hostess is scratching her head and wondering why. It’s important that when you have someone book a party that you make her life as easy as possible.

Provide your hostess with everything she needs including purse party invitations, flyers and a notice that she can email to all of her guests. Make sure you make contact with your hostess 2 or 3 times prior to the party by e-mail, phone, or by sending her a note in the mail. Make sure you tell her how excited you are to do her party and she will be thrilled with all the new merchandise. When she does book a party, make sure that she knows you’ll be contacting her so she isn’t surprised by it.

Remember, each hostess will have a different motivation for having a home purse party. Some people just want to get the girlfriends together, for others it’s the money or discount they receive, and the last group want to pay back their friends for all parties they’ve had to go to in the past(just kidding about that one). You should try to distinguish what motivates your hostess right from the start and by using purse party invitation you can be guaranteed that all your fiends will show up.

If the hostess is motivated by getting her friends together you could say “you must be excited to get all of your friends together, parties like that are so much fun.” Or if she’s motivated by what she will receive you could say “the more guests you have the higher the sales and the more FREE merchandise for you.” Just figure out which type your hostess is and use that to get her excited so she’s motivated to contact her guests a couple of times for a maximum turnout.

Another little trick to ensure success in motivating your hostess is to send her a little gift before the party. The idea of the pre-gift is to get the hostess feeling good before the party and also acts as a little insurance. What I mean by insurance, is that the hostess will feel obligated to you, because of all the hard work you’ve put in. This leads to less cancellations and acts as “insurance for the booking.”

You should make the gift something meaningful that shows the hostess that you were listening to what she has said in the past. This means that you’ll need to socialize a little with her to get an idea of the type of person she is. Not only will this make a great first impression but it will also leave a lasting impression of just how professional and caring you’re. If she feels a connection with you, she will work harder to ensure as many guests come as possible.

Plan parties 2-4 weeks out to give you and your host ample time to get together, send out purse party invitations, plan the menu, help with follow ups and most importantly keep your hostess upbeat and motivated.

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