My Story

Hi, I’m Wendy Wilson the “Purse Lady!” My story starts like a lot of women who’ve suffered through trying times due to a relationship breakup, the loss of a job, or a bad economy.

I remember that dark day just like it was yesterday. I heard the garage door open and my husband's car drive in. I looked over at the clock on the wall and saw it was only 4:36 pm, which I thought was odd because my husband usually gets home at 5:45 pm.

The door leading into the garage slowly opened and my husband walked in. He didn't even have to say anything I could tell by the look on his face, he just looked at me and said, "I'm sorry honey, I lost my job today."

I have to admit I never thought it would happen to us. It would be 2 years before my husband got another job. One minute we were living the American dream and the next wondering if we would lose the house.

The next 6 months were very trying to say the least, we blew through our emergency funds, then our savings and even went to our family to borrow money just to keep afloat. This couldn't last, the ship was sinking and we would go down with it if we didn't do something and fast.

To cut a long story short, with mounting debts along with the stress of our current financial situation we starting snapping at each other. The snapping then turned into bickering which then turned into all out fights. Needless to say our 8 year relationship couldn't weather the storm and we split up.

I was lost!

For what seemed like an eternity I was lost, depressed, unemployed, with no motivation, I didn't have a clue what I was going to do.

Then one Sunday morning like a message from the heavens a little voice said, "start your own business." Ha, "what do I know about starting a business? I don't have any training in running a business, who am I kidding?"

After 2 weeks the doubt had really set in when I hadn't come with any bright ideas for my new business. Maybe there's a product I could sell, but where would I find merchandise? Maybe I have a skill I could offer like cooking, daycare or cleaning, but who will hire me? And of course, where am I going to find the money to start a business?

Then something truly amazing happened. While searching online trying to get a little inspiration I came across a few fun facts about women and their handbags. Now don't get me wrong, I love my purses, but I had no clue the market was so HUGE and PROFITABLE!

Wendy A. Wilson

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