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It All Starts With Just One Party
I've always believed that "knowledge is power" and I want you to have that power and get control over your life and your finances.
The History of the Purse Party
Goal Setting
Self Confidence Strategies
Motivational Strategies
How to Register Your Business
The Best Ways to Promote Your Business
All About Business Cards, Flyers & Brochures
Where to Order Your Inventory
How to Book Your Parties
How to Host a Purse Party
Secret Sales Tips
How to Setup Your Party
Developing Your Business
Recruiting Tips to Help You Find the Right People
How to Build Up Your Referral List Super Fast
How to Follow Up With Customers and Hostesses
Theme Parties That Make Money
Party Games
Party Recipes
Effective Telephone Canvassing
Sales Tips for Non-Sales Woman
How to Display Your Products With Flare
How to Choose the Right Products to Sell
Retail Sales and Trade Shows - What to Look For
Charities Can Be A Your Best Friend
How to Use Testimonials
Effective Use of a Database
Follow Ups
Setting Up a Blog
The Importance of Keyword
Using Facebook
Everyone is Twittering, Tweeting 101
and much, much more......

My publisher is going to kill me, but I really want you to have all the tolls in your Purse Party toolbox...

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A 64 page in depth report helping to protect you from unscrupulous wholesalers that prey on the naive under-educated consumer.
This 57 page eBook was designed to give high-quality, accurate information giving you the ability to sell with confidence…
This easy to read 45 page party guide will guarantee your guests have a great time and insure they tell all their friends all about it.
25 of the most scrumptious easy to make nibbles for your purse party goers. Your guests will be sure spread he word.

It All Starts With Just One Party!

Wendy has been hosting home purse parties for years and has literally done hundreds of parties, Wendy is an expert in the field of purse parties with a wealth of knowledge to share with you. I can promise if you use the techniques in this book, utilize the tools made available to you and of course have fun, you can’t help but become successful!
Wendy A. Wilson