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Purse Party Cold Calling Tips

Purse Party Cold Calling Tips

If you have problems opening conversations you’re involved in then making cold calls can become rather intimidating.  By learning how to effectively open a conversation, cold calls to either purse party prospects or potential consultants can be made with the ease.  Remember that as a home party consultant a major part of your business is getting leads so don’t let the prospect terrify you.

You need to try and determine whether the person on the end of the phone is truly interested in what you’re selling, and worth spending your time on.  You generally need to find out quickly if the person is serious about booking a purse party or move on to the next call.  Time is money, so don’t waste time on people that are truly interested in what you are trying to sell because the next person will be.

When you’re not confident cold calling people have a tendency to start chasing leads almost begging people to book a purse party, this is a real turnoff!  By making your prospects feel comfortable with a positive attitude and confidence in your voice they will feel more at ease listening to your solicitation.  Having the utmost faith in the service and merchandise your purse party business provides will help you with your confidence.

Any new ventures started leads to insecurities in yourself and your abilities in the beginning and purse party business is no different.  Not many people have an elevated level of confidence because of lack of knowledge, after educating yourself and attaining the required knowledge your confidence will rise.

You’ve got to learn to get over rejection quickly, because after 20 no’s in a row you’ll be ready to quit your home purse party business.  If you continue having a problem with rejection then maybe the home party business isn’t for you and you should try something else.  After having to deal with hundreds and hundreds of rejections you’ll have the experience to work out a script that works for you.  After developing a script that works, like everything else in life you’ve got to practice to be good at.

Let every call become a learning experience because you’ll gain valuable knowledge with each and every interaction.  After going through hundreds of leads and changing your approach as you learn you’ll discover what works best for your purse party business.  Remember you are a hunter, and you are on the prowl for leads.

Be sure to make clear notes about prospects the more knowledge you acquire the easier it will be to recall the responses you received.  If you’ve got a negative response the first time calling the information contained in your detailed notes may help you book a purse party next.  Saying no today could be a yes tomorrow.

Don’t be tempted to just sign up any prospect you should always be looking for quality people.  While you’re cold calling, if the person on the end of the phone interrupts you or swears then they probably aren’t the type of person that would benefit from the purse party business.  You are offering someone a life-changing opportunity if they can’t see that they will be the one losing out.  You are a professional in your own home-based business your time has value so don’t waste on someone rude.

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