Are There Any Legitimate
Purse Party Companies?

The Fabulous Collection one of several legitimate purse party companies offers home business opportunities for women with an “Entrepreneurial Spirit” through the direct sales of Handbags, Jewelry, and Fashion Accessories. They’ll show how to start your own full or part time purse party business without sacrificing your personal life. This unique approach teaches you how to be successful working for yourself, with the security of knowing you’re not alone.

In just a few short years, The Fabulous Collection has been able to help woman across Canada and the United States start successful home based businesses with very little startup capital. For a full description about this growing industry from the number one legitimate purse party company found anywhere you can find out more by visiting them at


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For those not familiar with the different types of purses available in the market place here are some descriptions that will help you. If you want to stay out of jail you should only deal with legitimate purse party companies.

A “knock-off” by definition is an item that looks like a designers bag but it isn’t. It will not have the designer’s logo or signature on it. Basically, it's a copy and it's legal in both the United States and Canada at this point. It’s an imitation of the original more costly designer product. But it doesn't claim to be the original. Just to “look like it”. Many legitimate wholesalers make money imitating the creations of the designers and manufacturing their product in the style of the designer’s original. It’s legal if it doesn't have the logo or name of the designer on it or its label stating it's a designer item. Their label may say “compared to…or inspired by.” You find this same thing in grocery stores that carry their own or generic brand name at a cheaper price.

There's no infringement as long as they acknowledge openly in writing or advertisement they're not the original before they sell it to you.

Note: Most people interchange the terms “knock-off” and “fakes.” The media often call fakes “knock-offs.” So if someone claims their product is a “knock-off,” please ask them to clarify and make sure they have that in writing.

A “knock-up”, believe it or not, is a knock-off that's actually more expensive than the original. It claims to be of better material, better craftsmanship, etc. But again, it doesn't claim to be the designed original. You see this in advertising. One product claims its superior to another because it lasts longer, smells fresher or cleans better.

A “fake” is just that, an item trying to imitate the original at a lower price. Fakes are illegal. A fake claims to be an original, just at a lower price. It’s bogus, usually made in a third world country and most likely poor in quality. But the point is it claims to be the designer original. It’s counterfeit, just as a fake currency bill is designed on purpose to look so much like the real bill that it's passed off as one. Fakes are lies, and lairs get caught, sooner or later.

The adage, “you get what you pay for,” rings true in the world of fashion. Be wary of merchants that claim they have a box load of original Gucci or Louis Vuitton bags that they “got for a steal”.

Either that's exactly what it is (they stole it) or they're fakes. No bargain here. Buyer beware, you're entering illegal territory.

A knock-off labeled as such is legal because there is no foolery involved because they’re not saying it is the original.

The bottom line is to only do business with legitimate purse party companies such as The Fabulous Collection. If you are looking for more information about what is illegal and what is not you should read PSSST…Knockoffs and Fakes Can Land you in Jail, which can be found at


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