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Purse Party Themes that Make Money

Purse Party Themes that Make Money

No matter how many times I talk to consultants, there comes a time when we discuss what makes a successful purse party theme tic.

To set your mind at ease, I will make you one promise; women that attend home purse parties don’t need prompting to get them to buy purses. Knowing that, you should remember that there’s no need for long winded presentations or elaborate purse party themes and you don’t need to spend long periods of time playing party games. When it comes to purses, your main job is to offer a great selection of top quality merchandise in today’s latest styles, trends and colors. All of this should be presented in a professional manner so that everyone knows that you’re there to provide a service for your hostess. Sharing your knowledge, enthusiasm and the means to facilitate the sale of your merchandise will be all the incentive a guest needs to start buying.

While purse parties are an excellent way for you to make an income, for your guests, they are a perfect way for girlfriends to get together for a well-deserved night out. Don’t feel that you need to limit your parties to Sunday afternoons when no one is celebrating anything. Any type of purse party theme including Bachelorette parties, bridal parties, baby showers, housewarming parties and even birthday parties are a great excuse to get the girls together and have a good time. You could even offer a higher percentage of the sales to a charity to raise money for a particular fundraising event. Really, you’re only limited by your own imagination when it comes to finding an excuse to get the girls together to do some shopping and save some money.

That being said, I’d like to talk about purse party themes. Some of the most successful purse parties I’ve ever attended were based on a theme. We all know that the Christmas holidays are a time when friends and family to get together but it’s also a great time to have a purse party. October, November and the first two weeks of December generate the most revenue for many purse party consultants more than at any other time in the year. The holidays are a natural excuse for you and your girlfriends to have a purse party and get out of the house, couple that with the convenience of doing a little Christmas shopping and you have a recipe for success. During that time of year, really focus all your mailings; including postcards, thank you cards, newsletters and e-mails to mention the upcoming shopping season, the gift giving aspect, and the money that can be saved at a purse party.

Another terrific way to make some quick and easy sales is to hold the purse party at work during your lunch break. Arrange with your employer ahead of time to use a boardroom or the lunchroom and set up your purses there. The great thing about this type of party is its good for morale and brings co-workers closer together. Your boss will thank you, when he sees all of the smiling faces.

If you have a lot of friends with small children, who make it difficult for them to get out for the night let alone shopping, consider hiring a neighborhood babysitter to look after kids at your purse party. The babysitter will give your guests the freedom to shop at their leisure and the ability to socialize with their friends. Have the party in the living room and the kids in another room with the babysitter so any problems can be resolved quickly and everyone can relax knowing that if they’re needed, they’re only a few steps away from their kids. Believe me when I tell you, your guests will appreciate the peace and quiet you provided by hiring the babysitter and they’ll appreciate knowing that their kids are well taken care of.

If you’re trying to think up some summer purse party themes, when everyone is thinking more of nice summer evenings spent outside, you could actually plan a barbeque theme for the party. Set up the merchandise outside on the patio while your hostess cooks hamburgers on the BBQ. If your hostess has a small home, the summer months would be a perfect time to move the party outside to create more space.

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