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Tips and Tools for Purse Party Profits

Tips and Tools for Purse Party Profits

For many who have found success in a home-based purse party business the book entitled Purse Party Profits has become a valuable resource tool.  The techniques in this book will give a step-by-step guide if followed will surely bring the desired success.

If you want to career or just want to add to your existing income then a home purse party business might be right for you.

The booming home purse party business offers flexible opportunities for those who want to start a home-based business.  Selling purses at home parties, allows you the opportunity for an unlimited income from your purse profits.

Home Party Plan was created by Stanley Home Products and perfected by Brownie Wise way back in the 1940s.  Tupperware was the product that’s success is owed to the home party business and to this date is still distributed that way exclusively.

Attitude for Success

Brownie Wise recognized that there’s more to selling Tupperware than just selling the product, you also have to sell yourself.  If you’re going to invest your time and money in a home-based party business your attitude for success is just as important as the product to sell.

Enthusiasm is the key to getting your first booking and getting your first booking is the key to your success.  An enthusiastic healthy attitude is going to get you a long way in the purse party business.  Networking and retail sales for potential hostesses and consultants are a natural outcome of successful parties.  Put a smile on your face stay positive and show your enthusiasm and your calendar will be full with party bookings.

A Winning Contact List

Most people work best with a list, even if you can be successful without one.  The recommended list eyes is a hundred names, which is very easy to do however it still amazes me how many women don’t use contact lists.

Creating a list of a hundred names and dividing them into three groups hot, warm and cold will ensure your calendar is full with party bookings.  The warm leads will always outnumber the hot leads, which include childhood friends close neighbors and family.  Warm leads list include not so close neighbors, schoolteachers, parents of your children’s friends at school, and parents from the local hockey arena.  Hold leads are all the rest of the people.

By maintaining a good contact list you’re going to have to ask your leads for three names of people that might be interested in either throwing a purse party or becoming a consultant.  A great way to do this is by offering an incentive like a discount or free merchandise, because everybody likes to get something for free.

The newest craze sweeping the nation is the purse party, so if you want to add to your existing income or make a career of it purses are a great way to make huge Purse Party Profits.

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