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What’s the Buzz About The Purse Party Business?

What’s the Buzz About The Purse Party Business?

You’ve definitely heard the buzz about the new craze, the purse party and how much fun they are. More and more women are discovering that these parties are both lucrative and entertaining. Nevertheless, organizing the perfect purse party can be made easy by follow the steps in eBooks like Purse Party Profits.

The first things you need when organizing killer purse parties is to find a reputable and professional source for your purses like those in Wholesale Supplier Lists.
As a budding purse party consultant you alone decide what style of purses you want to sell at your parties; however, I advise you to take into consideration what your guests attending your purse party would want before ordering any purses. Remember, you are not buying for yourself, if your guests purchase only brand name accessories, then you should offer them top quality brand names. Usually, people attending purse parties are expecting to see quality, stylish purses at a great price.

Before your guests arrive at your purse party, make a tasteful presentation of the purses you are offering for sale in order to make a good first impression. Make sure that you arrive at the party at least 45 to 60 minutes before your guests in order to set up sales flyers or catalogs and of course your merchandise. If you are just starting out you may not have flyers or catalogs but it’s essential to have business cards so that your guests can take it home and call you later to book their party.

On the evening of the party, display your purses with flair on tables or couches set around the room. Once you have greeted your guests, allow them to handle and try on your purses. Be sure not to be too pushy allowing them to figure out what they wish to purchase. At all purse parties, it’s always wise to have the hostess serve light refreshments and coffee, if you want to relax your guests and get them in a buying mood.

At the end of the evening it’s a good idea to announce to your guests that they too can obtain discounts on their purses if they host their own party. Do not forget to get the contact information of all the guests who are interested in holding their own party. If you want to attract more customers to your party, try to advertise your purse parties on bulletin boards and through your email, sending an invitation to people you know and meet on a regular basis. Purse parties allow your guests to have a great time while at the same time getting together with friends.

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